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Abani Sen was born in 1932 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Abani Sen was one of the polished artists of modern painting in India. He had mastered over various media which included oil and watercolor and also crayon and pencil. He also gained popularity as a visionary painter and an art teacher. He gifted pivotal trends to Indian art. He left behind a bequest of sketches, drawings, paintings and students. The animal world had his marvelous empathy. He had great understanding about their body language, anatomy and unspoken thoughts. Animals have eloquence in his paintings. Archaic folklore was not stylized by him. He departed from colonial paradigms. It was his courteous attuning to the beauty and reality or normal nature and life. Achievements of Abani Sen made a great contribution to Indian art. This brought an instrumental change and breakthrough for the Colonial Academic Painting through revival of the dynamic elements of intrinsic Indian tradition.
Education and Career
Abani Sen received education at the quintessence of British academicism- Government School of Art at Calcutta. He got his graduation degree from this college. In 1933, he served as an Assistant Secretary at Academy of Fine Arts, Calcutta. He also worked as an art teacher at Sarada Ukil School of Art and Raisina High School, New Delhi in 1948. He was among the founders of The Young Artists Union and later Art Rebel Center in Calcutta.
Abani Sen remained an unwavering individualist till the end. He was also an audacious experimenter and a devoted teacher. All the inflections of realism that are visible in works of Van Gogh, Daumier and Czanne and techniques of modern art were indigenized and internalized by Abani Sen. He handled various media with great expertise. It exhibits incessant collaboration between the alien and the indigenous, the past and the present.
The affluent legacy he left consists of charcoals, watercolors, inks and oil pastels on paper. He guided many artists like M.F. Husain, Subho Tagore, K.K. Hebbar and Pradosh Dasgupta. He was also a philosopher to them. Art students and artists of young generation looked upon him as their mentor.




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